i like it marbled, i still do

1, 6 _ vintage 19th century marbled papers, gloster pattern and turkish pattern, via bibliodissey.
2, 5 _ bachgärde design.
3 _ paul smith shirt from gia magazine issue 8. read it online.
4 _ outfit from victorio e lucchino spring/summer 2012 collection,
via cool e chic style to dress italian.

marbled previously.

an identity that i like _ hellome for troberg

a beautifully executed identity
for troberg (a german band)
by hellome in association with
even more here.

found through baubauhaus.

moods for the summer of '12

ah, those small paper dresses!

1, 2 _ christopher kane
3 _ prabal gurung
4-5 _ erdem

pics from


seems that i'll have to spend most of my
next two weeks with some
serious, serious studying.
art history, that is... again.
alongside work at the studio.

as for blogging,
i got quite a lot of stuff lined up for posting,
so i dearly hope that i'll also be able to
keep up with the demands of blogging.
we'll just see, because posting takes a whole lot of time, too.

but would i disappear
for a while, you just don't get scared
because i'll be back very soon,
and you can always browse the
by now vast archives that sometimes
surprise even me. :P


pic by satoru kikuchi for hills life magazine,

would wear

i once painted a pair of jeans with white wall paint.
it got rock solid after it dried, so i couldn't walk or sit in it.
i thought washing it would soften it, so i machine washed it.
but it didn't turn out as planned... i thought it would just crackle
and be softer, but instead, all the paint came out
just as if i had never even painted it.

both pics from wildthicket.
the shirt is an untitled installation from 2007
by ole martin lund bo.

looks _ mina perhonen

so good.
i also like the rather minimalistic jewelry.

mina perhonen autumn/winter 2011-12.
photos by norio kidera

third to last pic found on a stranger in tokyo.


sometimes, i like it clean.

i like the idea of introducing those
beautiful antique or ethnic (or whatever) pieces
into this really clean, modern space.

i also like the idea of having your
bathroom in the bedroom.

i better get off of my laurels now
and get celaning.

pics from nuevo estilo.


just talking to myself:
but what if i don't want this new type of picture gallery in blogger?
i wanna see things up close.
okay, i know i can still right-click and
open in new window to get the orginal size, but still...
okay, in the meantime i even realized that
i can also click on the link
in the lower left corner and that gets me
to the pic with it's individual url...
but still...
okay, i don't really know what would be better...
but still...

well, okay, i know i'll eventually
get (and gotta get) used to it.
but i'm getting old
and many a time i don't
like change.

so why didn't the warn me? :P

all paintings by kazimir malevich, googled.